My first DIY aeroponic system

How to build aeroponic grow systems

My first DIY aeroponic system

Postby A-Game » Wed Jan 02, 2013 12:18 am


I'm making interesting discoveries with my first do-it-yourself aeroponics grow system. My problem is currently that I have ridiculously little light power to my plants, just a single 10W led light. What's interesting is that two cherry tomato plants are still growing very nicely, in a month or so they both have gained propably around 20 cm in lenght. All other plants I have inserted in the system have eventually died from too little light. Basil was the last one to go but it's pretty much dead now. Parsley and daffdil stood no change. But my brave tomatoes keep growing which must mean they can do away with very little light! I'll come back later with some pictures!
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