PH Balance too high

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PH Balance too high

Postby evillegas23 » Wed Feb 20, 2013 4:56 am

I established my first aeroponics set-up the other day using a plastic 35 gallon tote and PVC pipes. I filled it with 8 gallons of water as that looked like it provided enough pump coverage. I added 2 tablespoons of Pure Blend Pro Grow (3-2-4) as this was recommended by my local Hydroponics supplier. I tested the water a couple of hours later and the ph level was around 7.5. The next day the ph level was about the same, so i decided to run a couple of pump cycles to see if circulating the water may have a positive effect. This raised my ph level to 8! I added another tablespoon of the pure blend formula and will see if I helped resolve my dilemma or if I just made it worse.

I am not sure how relevant this is, but I have the set-up in a closet without a heater. Water temp is probably around 65 degrees.

Does anyone have any tips on lowering ph levels? I am trying to use as few chemicals as possible to do this, but understand that may not be an option. Does the plastic used in the tote and PVC has an impact? They were all new and I rinsed everything off. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: PH Balance too high

Postby aeroadmin » Sun Mar 10, 2013 11:15 pm

Evillegas23, I deeply apologize for having this message in the moderation queue for so long. I simply didn't notice it. I have now disabled the queue system completely so all future messages should show up instantly.

As for the actual ph-question I'm not totally sure of all the factors that might affect your situation, but I have indeed read that temperature changes might affect ph-levels of water. Other than experimenting with the temperature it might be that you simply need to adjust it with some ph down.
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