Do seeds need oxygen?

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Do seeds need oxygen?

Postby A-Game » Fri Mar 22, 2013 8:27 pm


I just started my first germination experiment inside wet paper towels. Earlier I have only germinated seeds inside Jiffy pellets (and I had only 30% success rate with those).

I saw in a video someone inserting the wet paper towels inside minigrip-bags so I did the same. But here is the interesting part: Two of my bags had small air holes in them and two were completely air tight. The seeds that were inside the bags with air holes germinated nicely. The seeds in the bags with no holes show no signs of life so far and it looked also like there might be small amounts of mold growing in there.

So based on this limited experiment it would seem that small air holes are indeed a good thing for germinating. Do you think so too?
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